Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Usual title that mentions it's a suprise update

Yeah, Yeah blah...an update whoopee ( I've never typed that word before, but it looks right).

Woo I have a MySpace page now with even less on it than here.
Please add me if you use such places.

Some music for you lucky fuckers

Not my usual start, but I just love Anthony Heggarty's voice

Back to "The Metal" with something else

Mastodon - Mother Puncher
Proper heavy metal

Next up is Roots Manuva - Again & Again
The perfect tune for the summer we didn't get

Now then couple of tunes by Mogwai - Like Herod & Batcat


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Update frenzy!!!!!

Wow two updates in a week or so......this may actually turn into a blog.

A few new things I'll be adding are Myspace links to some bands in addition to; or instead of vids
as they give you a bit more info and usually 3 or 4 songs to listen to.

I don't use it myself, just not my thing. As a tool for finding some good bands it's really useful

Right then, ATP have just announced a show in conjunction with Capsule
at the Custard Factory in Brum on 1st November, with some very unique bands on
Its called Release the Bats, and is highly recommended.

Here's a couple of the bands appearing

Firstly Wooden Shjips , very psych/prog stuff and quite wonderful

The headliners are Shellac, fronted by one Steve Albini, who if you like most the stuff I post on here will aready be familiar with I'm sure

Here's a couple more bands not playing at this event

Torche some psych/stoner rock, nice groovy stuff and lots of songs to hear on their Myspace page

Last one for now is a band called Genghis Tron, It's pretty hard to describe these guys
so just listen and see what you think

be back soon with more horrors, time for tea,biccy's and some raging speedhorn