Thursday, October 04, 2007

about bloody time!!!

finally got round to an update
straight in with some thing old and something new
first the old, well its an old band an old song but recorded live only
a short time ago
uk subs - emotional blackmail/warhead

and the newish one is Walls of Jericho , caught them live
very intense here's fixing broken hearts

time to mellow right out king tubby fittest of the fittest dub

couple of noisy one's for the rock people
first is neurosis very heavy stuff locust star
then even more extreme is a grindcore band called cock and ball torture
with a pretty little ditty called enema bulldozer

dancing time, get your glowsticks out underworld - born slippy (live)

now then, Mr Rollins back in the black flag days, watch out for the beer can that hits him
and his response when it does - somewhere in middle of vid black coffee/depression

simian mobile disco, been listening to them a lot recently not the best track on cd by far
but only video i could find I believe

Serj from system of a down has got a solo album out and is releasing all songs as vids
heres one of the first The Unthinking Majority

last two for a bit
cold war kids, my fav cd for ages, prob not what you'd expect with some of the other stuff on here hospital beds

and the mighty clutch, they just get better and better - get grooving to electric worry

until next time!!!