Thursday, March 29, 2007

well, maybe not every week

time for music

first up is

something to wake you up Fantomas

something nice and calm next


ok a little slower then


not just music


and dance

just one for the road then; pj harvey

go on then one more


last one, promise

until i do more


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

week two - more vids less links

well first week, no comments
maybe i should tell people about it!

anyway, busy weekend suzy b's birthday marathon
thursday to early hours of sunday

so many different types of music in different places

favourite had to the greyhound pub in bromsgrove
top DJ on

everything from mud to foo fighters

so to start with how I felt by sunday eve

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

saw them just over a week a go at birmingham academy wow!
intense sound , very pretty lights though
go to for loads of info etc

next up therapy? haven't listened to them in a while so its about time
May they rock on!

therapy? - teethgrinder

what! , mellow time De la soul loved this album and still do classic hiphop

De La Soul - me myself and I

well from mellow to totally out there
loved this band forever, redefine music altogether
it's art kids
more metal than most and thats just what they use as instruments

Einsturzende Neubauten -haus de luge

next up
the one and only
wesley willis - no longer with us sadly
a true one of

Rock and Roll Mcdonalds

she was in ash now she isnt and shes really good
not heavy not light just indie rock

charlotte hatherley - BASTARDO

and ill finish this little selection with one of the best/ most frightning videos ever made
who elese could it be but the....

Aphex twin - come to daddy

scared yet
nighty night - sweet dreams


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

weekly music show

This is the first show by me, all done by the wonder of other peoples vids
ten or so links a week and a bit about them
links etc

gonna be loud, quiet and everywhere inbetween


next up is fugazi and should be checked out soon as possible


and here live and raw

where next?

somewhere like this one

by gruff rhys of the superfurry animals

couple more for now, if you like em, let me know

and ill do lots more next time

primus live playing an old song, on a big stage

and finally for now something newish and how pop should be

take it easy back soon