Wednesday, May 16, 2007

yay!!! more stuff for your listening pleasure

been a while, but time for more musical oddness

first up the one and only rasta-punks bad brains

with two numbers the intro and I
then there dubby cover of the beatles daytripper just amazing!!!

next an odd one alanis morrisette doing my humps
been around the web for a bit but worth a look
as its just not what you expect of her

moving on
dan le sac and scrobius pip - thou shalt always kill
clever stuff and very funny

total change of pace; a classic nina simone
with my personal fav I aint got no...ive got life

keeping it classic some james brown for ya!
sex machine

slightly newer and rock but same kinda passion
iggy and the stooges - i wanna be your do

few more bang up to date

bjork, shes just bjork one of a kind and lovley
heres a live version of a track off her new album declare indepedence
warning this rocks - bout as punk as shes ever been
and a quick bonus one as shes so good, another rocker!
live with skunk anansie on top of the pops i belive army of me

think you have to be pillaging whilst listening to this
dimmu borgir - the serpentine prophecy

last but not least the glc

keep on rockin
back again soon

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