Thursday, July 26, 2007

more noise to annoy!

time for more noise

this blog seems to going away from the softer tunes for some reason
its just where i end up on my travels
one heavy song seems to lead to another

if thats the case so be it
doesn't mean there won't be some mellow tunes just not that many i feel
but there are no rules
and no preconceptions, any way time to start your journey into the unknown
and what better way than with one of the best/most missed bands of the late 80's early 90's
the groovy silverfish and big bad baby pig squeal

Off into the real noise of sunn o)))
**** please turn up loud as poss especially any bass boxes ****
**** may disturb children and animals ****
your neighbor's will move house soon after though

next, if your speakers haven't blown is soulfly - NO

time to mellow out

how do you follow god
well with jesu

and you follow that with laughs

doug stanhope - drugs
buy his dvd off amazon - he is the bollocks

more weird shit
more doug - marriage

am i bitter.........fuck yes
music sir

try this

one for oz

no 2 for oz

one for you all
FNM and boo-ya-tribe

now scary shit

jello biafra - live talk show at glee club in nov
get tickets!!!!

time for dance


and chill
............with doug

won't be so long next time
be well
rock hard
live long
wank lots!!!

spark it up!!!

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