Thursday, July 03, 2008

Here we go................

Lots of new bands, old bands and downright odd stuff for you the lucky viewer

First up Pendulum with their dance/rock hybrid style, turn up the bass to get the full effect.
I've picked "Propane Nightmares" of the current album

Next up, one of my current favourite bands Baroness from the USA.
They play very powerful heavy stuff, but with a really good ear for melody and some outstanding musicians. The drums are thunderous and the vocals weave in out out of the mix as the tune demands. They cross alot of genres alt/rock/metal/prog and are all the better for it.
This one is off their current disc "Red Album" It's called "Isak"

Time for a few linked vids, If i embed them all the page will take forever to load.

Seasick Steve has been around for a while, just one man with a guitar and a stomp box
live at Glastonbury last weekend with "Chiggers".

Next up Battles with Atlas some call it math rock, I just call it -"interesting".

Bit of an oldie next. Some Bikini Kill from 1992 showing true punk spirit.
I loved them at the time, and still do now, powerful emotive stuff; this is a little compilation of a few songs live at an outdoor show in washington dc - Live wdc

Next up Kylesa, some spacey stoner rock from Savannah,Georgia; here's one the heavier and faster tracks off "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" called "hollow server"

What else have I got for you?

Try some Snuff, not the films or the stuff you stick up your nose. Here's London's finest modern punk outfit with "theme from whatever happened to the likely lads"

couple more quick links

Have some Kimberley Freeman better known as One Eyed Doll - "hoochie mama"
Just her and a drummer make quite a noise, a very groovy lady.

Om (part one is 9 Min's, think you get the Idea).

Watch out for these guys (and girl) later in the year Rolo Tomassi.

Some older Nick Cave and the bad seeds - "I had a dream Joe".

To finish off, here's one of my fav bands, the pretty traditional metal sounding
Arch Enemy live with "Diva Satanica"

Ill be back next week with more, unfortunately.

be well


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