Wednesday, July 30, 2008

more more more

It's time for some more tunes to make you go "WTF!!!"

Soulfly are back with a new album very soon, if you like it crunchy/thrashy/punky
I'd recommend it

Next up the bluesy noise of Oxbow

Dr Acula are pretty out there kinda gridcore/dance
Def music to piss of the neigbours

This one is a bit out there too, but in a totally different way
It's Devendra Banhart and its got Natalie Portman in it so you know why I like it

Getting even more mellow Peter Tosh - Legalize It

Oh no, more Rollins!!!
Well I've been listening to "The End of Silence" (all rock fans should own this) a lot recently and found some great live clips
but this one is my fav, It's actually on the album "Do It" and I certainly understand what he's on about

Brujeria - live- Colas De Rata I'm sure one of those blokes used to drink in costermongers

One more for the road
some nice psychedelia from Voivod with a cover of a Pink Floyd classic
Astronomy domine

more will come soon I'm sure

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